Let the Celebration Begin!

Tuesday, May 1st will mark the One Year Anniversary of the beginning of the Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog! I can not believe it has already been a year! Yep, started out over at Blogger but would later move over to WordPress (see New Blog Home). Here’s the post that started it all: A Blog is Born!

In all honesty I was not sure if the blog would be a success, but judging by these stats (from September 6th to present) I would say it has:

  • Posts^: 391
  • Comments: 631
  • Views: 170,000+
  • Most Views in One Day: 3,050
  • Subscribers*: 79
  • Spam Comments Blocked: 7100+

^ Posts statistic is based from May 1st, 2006 to present

* Via FeedBurner (Subscribers is an approximate measure of the number of individuals currently subscribed to your feed.)

In regards to the Spam Comments Blocked statistic, Akismet is a great tool and is about 99% effective in blocking spam comments. There is the occasional spam comment that slips through or the comment that is tagged as spam when it really is not.

So, what do I have planned for the blog this year? Not really sure yet. I know in the coming months (may be around August/September) I will be putting a lot more focus on Firefox 3. At this point I am waiting for it to reach the ‘Beta’ milestone before I start using it more frequently. Another area I want to put more emphasis on is Thunderbird. There is a lot of help readily available for Firefox, but for some reason it seems for Thunderbird getting help is more difficult. Especially now that Thunderbird 2 is out now.

Once again, thanks to all my readers for making the Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog a success. Also a big thanks to Ryan & Ashley Wagner at CyberNet News, Percy Cabello at Mozilla Links and Claus Valca and family at Grand Stream Dreams for all your support!