Microsoft's Ad(ware) Patent

Well, the big-wigs at Microsoft are at it again. As if tracking cookies weren’t bad enough, Microsoft has recently filed a patent that would ” look at what’s on your hard drive and serve you targeted advertisements based on that data.” The patent application notes that the software in question could be a part of Windows or a stand-alone app:

An advertising framework may reside on a user computer, whether it’s a part of the OS, an application or integrated within applications. Applications, tools, or utilities may use an application program interface to report context data tags such as key words or other information that may be used to target advertisements.

Gives me all the more motivation to start using Linux/Ubuntu full time now. I can’t believe the government would allows this, oh wait how I could I be so naive…this is the same government who created the Patriot (wire-tap) Act. Ironic that I come across this today too as I am helping a friend via e-mail clean her computer. From what she is describing it sounds as if is badly infected with Adware.

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News Source: Wired Blog