Foxit Reader is great alternative to Adobe Acrobat for viewing PDF files. But what if you want to create a PDF file? Sure you could pay for a program that will take your files and convert them to PDF. Or you could use MS Office saves as PDF option. Even OpenOffice has an Export as PDF option but that does the whole document as a PDF file. I ran into this problem with an OpenOffice spreadsheet I had. I wanted each sheet or page to be its own PDF document. After a quick search on the CyberNet Forum, I found a link to PrimoPDF.

So what’s so great about PrimoPDF? For starters it is FREE (yes it is really free)! How about that you can make a PDF from within virtually any application? Yes any application that allows you to print, you can create a PDF file. By installing PrimoPDF you are installing a ‘PDF Printer’ (Windows will name the printer PrimoPDF). When you choose this ‘printer’ to print, the PrimoPDF application will run and present you with this dialog box:

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By using this with OpenOffice I was able to create a separate PDF file for each sheet/page of my spreadsheet. This will also work if you have a multi-page document and want each page (or a series of pages) as its own file. Again this program is totally free: No pop-ups, no registration, no evaluation, no time/use limits, no crippled version, etc. There are ads, but they are for ‘sponsors’ and only appear on the dialog box. The program also has a nice users manual, which happens to be in PDF format. PrimoPDF is currently works with Windows 98, 2000, Me, NT, XP & Vista .

Updated:  Supported version of Windows.