Remove Bookmark ‘Star’ Button

As if the ‘Go’ Button weren’t bad enough, Firefox 3 adds a Bookmark ‘Star’ Button to the address bar.

This ‘feature’ allows you to bookmark the current page you are browsing. This can also be accomplished by pressing CTRL+D (Add Bookmark), selecting Bookmark This Page from either the Bookmarks or Context (right-click) menu. To remove the Bookmark ‘Star’ Button use ChromEdit and add the following lines to your userChrome.css file:

/* Remove the Bookmark star */
#star-button {
display: none !important; }

Once you have added these lines, click Save, then Restart; the ‘Star’ will be gone when Firefox restarts.

Tip Source: Eric Wendelin’s Blog


Remove Bookmark ‘Star’ Button — 27 Comments

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  2. Why are you so negative about the star bookmark feature? I find it brilliant. The alternatives you mention for adding a bookmark all require extra attention and moving mental focus away from the page you are browsing. With the star you can add a bookmark with a single click and later annotate it or throw it away – and hence keep your attention on the page in question.

    Next article about removing the Live Feed button seems interesting, though…

  3. Agreed, the star is unnecessary when you can just press ctrl+d or go to bookmarks > bookmark this page. So the star in the address bar saves you one click – big deal. And in any case, it’s still faster to just use the keyboard.

    Wish they made it easier to remove without having to edit the userChrome though. oh well.

  4. AT LAST !!!

    I have searched how to remove this annoyance almost all around the web. I dont know what have in the their head developers these days.

    The other annoying feature I think FF2 lost is the fact of losing in the “Downloads Window” the little links: open, remove. Now you have to right click and select them from the options on the context menu.

  5. Hi everybody.
    Actually I never noticed the ‘star’.. :/
    Anyway I thank you so much for making me discover it.. it turned out to be helpful in ‘removing’ bookmarks on the fly (expecially double bookmarks, as I am a very untidy bookmark keeper..) rather then adding them (I usually keep all result-pages of a google query on the same ffx page and bookmark the whole set of tabs)

    lol 😉

  6. Thanks!

    I used the Old Location Bar add-on to make the Awfulbar behave a bit better, but until now I was unable to do anything about the button-clutter the Awfulbar also introduced.

    With the hilariously misnamed “Awesomebar” Firefox 3 basically cornered the market wrt misfeatures, thank god most of it can be fixed with addons and by editing config-files.

  7. Thanks!

    On a similar topic, any idea how I can get rid of the “bookmark this page” “subscribe to this page” and other unwanted items filling up my bookmarks tab? The easy way (right clicking) doesn’t work.

  8. Star is really really really bad idea… I hope this will work for me…

    Sometimes I just sit back and go over internet websites and click only without using keyboard and that sh**** star is making it difficult…

    Tnx I hope it will work.

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  11. Thank you. That star has been bugging me not because of its function but because of its horrendous location. If it would have been placed somewhere else maybe it wouldn’t have been an annoyance but I use the drop down all the time to navigate sites I visit daily and I almost always hit that damned star.

  12. The star can be annoying at times when you just want the program focus to be on the address bar, but you misclicked the star button instead.

  13. bloody hell, so is this for firefox or for chrome?
    @Ulrik, u’re not loosing your “mental focus” from the page while bookmarking it… unless u have ONE CELL BRAIN… eeeh what a crap!

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