Important Flash Player Updates Released

Adobe released important updates to their Flash Player this week. Follow these steps to get the new player(s) correctly installed:

  1. Go to the Adobe Flash Page to see which version you are running. Look for the Version Information box just above the list of current versions. If you are the current version there is nothing more you need to do. Otherwise continue…
  2. Windows & Mac users download the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller.
  3. Close Firefox, Internet Explorer and any other browser you may have open.
  4. Run the Uninstaller downloaded in step 4. Windows Users: Be sure to click \”Show Details\” button in the Flash Player uninstaller. If there are any log lines that begin with \”Delete on Reboot…\” then you\’ll need to reboot BEFORE running the Flash Player installer again.
  5. Restart your browser(s) and go back to the Adobe Flash Page. You should now be prompted to install Adobe Flash Player.

    • IMPORTANT: Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Netscape all use the same installer, so you only need to run the installer once from any of these browsers. IE has it\’s own ActiveX version which you will have to run in IE (even if you ran the Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Netscape version). Beware by default The Google Toolbar is included in the IE installer

That is it, you now have the latest and safest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Thanks for the tip Gareon (Go Firefox!)