World Cup 2010 Live Feeder

For those of you who want an easy way to follow the 2010 World Cup scores, GoodReflex has developed a very simple World Cup 2010 Live Feeder extension. The extension adds a toolbar (GoodReflex) between your Bookmarks toolbar and the tab bar. Since this is a toolbar it is very easy to switch on or off (handy for work). Clicking the soccer ball on the left will take you to the GoodReflex Blog.

Note: This extension has not been reviewed by Mozilla so you will see a warning on the AMO page.You may still install the add-on. I have had it installed and have not had any issues with the browser.

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The GoodRelfex World Cup 2010 add-on is about 27 KB and works with Firefox 2.0 through Firefox 3.7a5pre. I am going to drop a note to the developer letting them know they need to bump their max version setting to Firefox 3.7a5.

Source: Ramy


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