OptimizeGoogle 0.79 & Firefox 8.0

A regular on Go Firefox! had been having some issues with Firefox 8 crashing when using Google, specifically when clicking images. After some trial error of restarting Firefox with add-ons disabled and re-enabling them one at a time (the best way to find a troublesome add-on) they determined the troublemaker was ironically OptimizeGoogle 0.79 add-on.

After a little for digging I noticed this version was release on October 26th. However, in the version history section of the AMO page I noticed a version 0.79.1 submitted for review on November 3rd. Now, last check which was on October 26th, the queue for add-on updates review was about 10-days out. So this new version may be released within the next day or so. However, after trying the new version they are still experiencing the constant crashes in Firefox 8.0.