Protect Against the New Actively Exploited Java Vulnerability

This is cross-platform. ” Security researchers have proposed several methods for users to protect their computers from ongoing attacks that target a new and yet-to-be-patched vulnerability in all versions of Java Runtime Environment 7.…“The new vulnerability is considered extremely critical … Continue reading

Firefox for Android gets updated and redesigned for tablets

” Tablet support has been sorely missing from the standard builds of Firefox, but has been available in beta for some time already. Today however they’ve officially pushed the fully redesigned tablet support to their actual FireFox for Android app … Continue reading

Firefox Release Update: August 25, 2012

Just Released None Coming Soon August 28th Firefox 15.0 Firefox for Android 15.0 Firefox 10.0.7 ESR Firefox 16 Beta (16.0b1)* Firefox 17 Aurora (17.0a2)* Future Releases October 9th Firefox 16.0 Firefox for Android 16 Firefox 10.0.8 ESR Firefox 17 Beta … Continue reading

Adobe Flash Player Bug Spreading Via Word Documents in Emails

“Attackers are targeting a patched bug in Adobe Flash Player spread via malicious Microsoft Word documents. The attacks are focused on CVE-2012-1535, a remote code execution vulnerability that impacts Windows, Macs and Linux systems. Adobe Systems patched the flaw Aug. … Continue reading

Older Versions of Silverlight Blocked on Mac OS X

Mozilla announced earlier today they have added older (older than 5.1.0) versions of Microsoft’s Silverlight Plugin to the Plugins blocklist for Mac OS X (no word yet if this will be extended to include Windows users). Unlike the recent JAVA … Continue reading