Error Console ‘Pop-up’ Issue

Recently a member over at Go Firefox! had an odd and annoying issue where as each time they opened a new window in Firefox, the Error Console window would pop-up. The Error Console (under Developer Tools on the Firefox Button/Menu) normally just sits quietly in … Continue reading

How to Remove the AVG Security Toolbar

I have learned a couple more thing about Waterfox and the AVG Security Toolbar. In regards to Waterfox, according to a source from the Firefox Builds forum, the Waterfox developer did partner with AVG due to the high cost of … Continue reading

Firefox Is Already Running (but it is not) Error

Once in a while Firefox or Thunderbird does not close gracefully. This could be caused by the application crashing or simply the application didn’t do some “housekeeping” after it closed. You go to run Firefox or Thunderbird and you get … Continue reading

Firefox Release Update: September 8, 2012

Just Released September 6th Firefox 15.0.1 *DESKTOP ONLY* Coming Soon October 9th Firefox 16.0 Firefox for Android 16 Firefox 10.0.8 ESR Firefox 17 Beta (17.0b1)* Firefox 18 Aurora (18.0a2)* Future Releases November 20th Firefox 17.0 Firefox for Android 17 Firefox 10.0.9 … Continue reading