Firefox 18 Beta Released

DEVELOPMENTAL RELEASE Mozilla has released Firefox 18 Beta on November 26, 2012. New improvements include: IonMonkey: IonMonkey is a new JavaScript JIT compiler that provides a more efficient way for Firefox to process JavaScript. With IonMonkey, Firefox will perform faster with Web apps, games … Continue reading

Firefox 18 Beta For Android Released

DEVELOPMENTAL RELEASE Mozilla has released Firefox 18 Beta for Android on November 26, 2012. New improvements include: Search Suggestions: Firefox for Android Beta suggests search terms as you type, to make navigating the mobile Web even quicker and easier. When you start … Continue reading

Mozilla Kills 64-Bit Windows Firefox Development

Mozilla Engineering Manager Benjamin Smedberg had started a discussion on Google Groups about ceasing development of Windows 64-Bit builds last Friday (November 23rd). This had been purposed as well back in March of this year. Shortly before Mozilla’s Thanksgiving recess … Continue reading

Mozilla Responds to Tab Mix Plus Issues

Mozilla issued this statement on their add-ons blog earlier today in light of the issues with TMP and Firefox 17, The popular Tab Mix Plus extension is causing some problems for users in Firefox 17. The problems include broken menu items – … Continue reading

Firefox 17 Released

Mozilla has released the next update for the desktop version of Firefox on November 20, 2012 (Android version was released on November 19th), with Firefox 17. Changes in this version include: First revision of the Social API and support for Facebook Messenger Click-to-play … Continue reading

Firefox Release Recap: November 17, 2012

Just Released None Coming Soon November 20th Firefox 17 Firefox for Android 17 Firefox 10.0.11 ESR Firefox 17.0 ESR Firefox 18 Beta (18.0b1)* Firefox 19 Aurora (19.0a2)* Future Releases Early/Mid January 2013 Firefox 18 Firefox for Android 18 Firefox 10.0.12 ESR … Continue reading