Firefox Release Update: March 30th, 2013

Just Released None Coming Soon April 2nd Firefox 20 Firefox for Android 20 Firefox 17.0.5 ESR Firefox 21 Beta (21.0b1)* Firefox 22 Aurora (22.0a2)* Future Releases May 14th Firefox 21 Firefox for Android 21 Firefox 17.0.6 ESR Firefox 22 Beta … Continue reading

Ad-injecting trojan targets Mac users on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome

Ad-injecting trojan targets Mac users on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome ” It’s not a particularly sophisticated malware, but the fact that there is a piece of code sitting in the browser and monitoring every single piece of information is … Continue reading

Classic Shell (Windows Vista/7/8)

Had an opportunity last week to test out Windows 8 Professional. I did this on my Windows 7 Ultimate machine using Oracle’s VirtualBox free VM software. I have to say I was impressed at how well Windows 8 handled, especially since I … Continue reading

Tablet News Week of March 10th, 2013

Actually, some of this news is from a couple weeks ago. Not as much tablet news lately as there was earlier this year with the big trade shows. Acer Shipping 7M Android, 3M Windows Tablets in 2013 — If there was ever a doubt … Continue reading

No Firefox Planned for iPhone or iPad

Due to development restrictions placed by Apple for third-party browsers, Mozilla announced they have no plans at this time to release a version of Firefox which would support the Apple iPhone or iPad. In order to accommodate Apple’s restrictions, Mozilla would need … Continue reading

Firefox 19.0.1 & 17.0.4esr/19.0.2

Mozilla released an emergency update for Firefox on March 7th, 2013 with versions 17.0.4esr and 19.0.2 to desktop users. This release addresses issues in regards to security advisory MFSA 2013-29. Mozilla also released Firefox 19.0.1 back on February 27th, 2013 … Continue reading