Firefox’s (Improved) Version of ‘Noisy Tabs’ Coming Fx 42

So back in January 2014, I reported Why Firefox won’t have a ‘Noisy Tabs’ feature. Earlier today over in mozillaZine on the Firefox Builds board PadaV4 commented: Oh god i just noticed nightly has little loudspeaker icons for tabs which have … Continue reading

Mozilla Blasts Microsoft over Choice and Control in Windows 10

Mozilla is not happy about Microsoft’s  changes in Windows 10 when it comes to the user’s default browser. The biggest complaint is users who upgrade to Windows 10 will have their default browser changed to Microsoft’s new Edge Browser. Further, it is … Continue reading

Disabling Add-on Compatibility Check

I recently updated the How-To: Forcing Add-ons To Work article. The add-on which originally was referenced in that article no longer works. I have since found a replacement, Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks. Like the former add-on, no restart is needed upon installation. … Continue reading

Win64 Firefox NOT Coming with Firefox 40

Javaun Moradi announced earlier in bug 1181014 (this was the bug about how to ‘market’ the Win64 builds on Folks, we’ve decided not to release win64 builds in Fx40. We have many improvements coming in 41 — sandboxing and NPAPI … Continue reading

How to block Canvas fingerprinting

“Pale Moon 25.6 ships with anti-fingerprinting option“We talked about a fingerprinting technique using Canvas before and explained how companies make use of the feature supported by all modern web browsers to track users across the Internet.“We also told you how … Continue reading

Truthful, but not very PC…

So, still no official (or even unofficial) explanation from Mozilla as to why they suddenly (as in July 9th) banished Silverlight NPAPI from the upcoming Win64 Firefox releases. Mozilla’s silence on this dramatic change with the Win64 Fx is a … Continue reading

Idea Town Coming Soon to Firefox

Earlier this month I talked about Dave Camp’s email: “Individual features rolling out to small audiences for focused and multi-variate testing”. Haven’t a clue on what exactly they mean by this, much less how it is going to be implemented…To me … Continue reading

More on Firefox Win64

After posting Firefox Win64 Supports Only Flash I got to thinking I knew I had seen a comment recently in Bugzilla about ‘video changes’ in Firefox for Win64. Looking through the bugs I am following, I found Bug 1181014 which basically … Continue reading