Firefox 41.0.1 Released

Mozilla release an emergency update for the Firefox 41 branch on Wednesday, September 30th with Firefox 41.0.1 release. This release addressed the following issues: Startup crash in mozilla::layers::CompositorD3D11::GetTextureFactoryIdentifier() Changing properties of a new bookmark while adding it acts on the … Continue reading

Firefox 41 Released

Mozilla release the next update to Firefox on Tuesday, September 22nd with Firefox 41.0. This release included many fixes, updates and changes which can be reviewed in the release notes. Also note: Extension Signing Validation can still be disabled in this version by … Continue reading

Mozilla: Windows 10 and Users Choice

Mozilla Future Releases has published the article Windows 10 and User Choice, which talks about some the changes that have occurred with Firefox as a result of Windows 10. Besides Windows 10 making Edge your default browser (unless you do … Continue reading

Enforced Extension Signing Delayed until Early 2016

Bug 1203584 was filed on September 10th, 2015 indicates Mozilla has delay the enforced extension signing (unsigned add-ons can not be installed…period) until Firefox 44 coming in late January 2016. This means that unsigned add-ons may still be installed in Firefox 41-43 … Continue reading

Google ends NPAPI Support with Chrome 45

People are still complaining about how Mozilla is removing support for NPAPI plugins (Silverlight and Java specifically) in the upcoming Windows 64-Bit release of Firefox (now tentatively scheduled for Firefox 42 in November) even though the move is not that … Continue reading