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Born and raised in Southern California, relocated to Arizona in the summer (nothing like jumping right in) of 1993. In 1999, I obtained my Bachelor’s in Marketing from Arizona State University. This blog is my way of ‘marketing’ Firefox and Thunderbird. I took the plunge and installed Firefox on Christmas 2005 and have been using, testing and even crashing it ever since.

When I am not surfing the tech blogs, I spend most of my time tweaking (which includes crashing) Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird as well testing and reviewing extensions. I’ll even play with beta and released versions of other browsers such as Netscape, Opera, Chrome, Safari and yes even Internet Explorer. I can also be found over at Go Firefox! on DelphiForums (where my nickname originated) as well as the Firefox Builds and  Thunderbird Builds forums on mozillaZine. In addition, I operate a freelance web design business, AlNetSolutions.US (see in Links of Interest on my main blog page).

Gary (gareon)

Gary joined The Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog in the beginning of 2010. Gary also resides in (Northern) Arizona and has been a part of Go Firefox! since 2002. He covers a wide variety of primarily non-technical Firefox topics. Further, unlike myself Gary is a full-time Linux Firefox user.


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  1. I want to download INBOX’s mail notifier for Firefox but it will only allow me to download to IE!!!! Firefox is my preferred browser and the one I have sent as my default, nevertheless the same thing keep happening. HEEELLLLLP.

  2. I have an extension in alpha development. You can get to it from my website. I am still working on a lot of content and I have not finalized a recipe storage and presentation system; however, much of the core functionality works under the covers of the alpha system. After 7 alpha releases my friends need a break from testing. Give it a spin and let me know what you think.

  3. Great site. Just saved me a ton of time. I was trying to locate my Firefox 2 bookmarks & couldn’t figure it out till finding your post about the different path in Vista. Thanks!

  4. i`m using firefox 3 rc1 like beta version…greate job!! just need more addon…

  5. hello.. and thanks.. if you have any info.. I’m looking for an extension for MS Onenote. I have found one.. however it does not work with FF 3.68. and that is what i’m using.

    I just installed the program.. and i would really like to use the right click function to send to Onenote. However i quit using IE a long time ago.. and do not like the idea of going back.. I want to know if you have another source for one that works with firefox.. or know some one who might???


  6. Just found your site.

    I’m trying to sort out an unresponsive script error message which has been plaguing my computer for a while

    Looks like I may have sorted it thanks to you fellas. Good work chaps and keep it up.

  7. Check out this site in IE 8. Do you see the red bar with the “Warning: you are using an old version of Internet Explorer. Please upgrade to IE 8 or later for maximum site compatibility!” message in it?

    My site runs the same WP theme and recieves the same red bar at the end of the footer. Microsoft really makes me mad. I normally don’t use IE, but was on another laptop when I saw this.

    Is this a WP v3.05 and Weaver theme issue? Can’t have sites doing this in IE because so many people use it. Any ideas? This makes sites appear hacked, but I am positive they are not.


  8. Hi guys!

    We love Firefox at SBSH and it is my browser of choice for a long time..
    This is why we made our first browser extension support Firefox.
    Our Firefox extension is built upon our password manager, that is the most secure password manager in the world (much more then the competitors).
    It can also sync your secure information to any mobile or tablet and other PCs or Macs.

    Would you mind taking out for a test drive and maybe writing a review?

    If you need a free license drop me an email and I’ll cut you a key.
    If you do write an review please let me know so I can post it on our facebook / twitter pages and also link back to you 🙂

    thank you very much