Firefox News

Yes, it has been a while since The Guru has posted non-release news. Here’s some Firefox news from the past month. Firefox for iOS adds Security Features (The Mozilla Blog)- Changes to the Firefox Password Manager now allow iPhone/iPad users to add a … Continue reading

Yet another reason I so dislike Apple products…

I’ve never been a fan of Apple products. They are over-priced and use proprietary parts and accessories. Yes their products are high quality. In the case of a phone or computer I figure the Apple brand is going to last the same amount … Continue reading

Tablet News Week of March 10th, 2013

Actually, some of this news is from a couple weeks ago. Not as much tablet news lately as there was earlier this year with the big trade shows. Acer Shipping 7M Android, 3M Windows Tablets in 2013 — If there was ever a doubt … Continue reading

No Firefox Planned for iPhone or iPad

Due to development restrictions placed by Apple for third-party browsers, Mozilla announced they have no plans at this time to release a version of Firefox which would support the Apple iPhone or iPad. In order to accommodate Apple’s restrictions, Mozilla would need … Continue reading

Firefox Junior coming to the iPad

Mozilla announced last week they have a prototype of what it to be a very scaled down version of the Firefox browser for the iPad. Code named Junior, this browser will not be built upon the traditional Gecko rendering engine due to restriction imposed by Apple … Continue reading