Firefox News

Yes, it has been a while since The Guru has posted non-release news. Here’s some Firefox news from the past month. Firefox for iOS adds Security Features (The Mozilla Blog)- Changes to the Firefox Password Manager now allow iPhone/iPad users to add a … Continue reading

Firefox 41 (and Headaches) Coming September 22nd

Mozilla is moving right along with getting Firefox 41 ready to ship for the September 22nd release. Having had a chance to play with the current Beta version of Firefox 41, here are THREE major changes users should be aware of … Continue reading

Extension Signing and Firefox for Android

The Mozilla Add-ons Blog has confirmed extension signing will be implemented in Firefox 40 for Android as well. Further, the ‘enforcement’ schedule will follow that of the desktop Firefox version. Automatic signing for Firefox for Android Add-ons hosted on AMO … Continue reading

Other Firefox Announcements

This is a continuation of The Three Pillars post as the article referenced in that post also discusses this as well. In another email, Dave Camp is “Revisiting how we build Firefox”. This one is a lot more technical as it focuses a lot … Continue reading

Firefox 38/38.0 ESR Released

Mozilla released the next regular and ESR versions of Firefox on Tuesday, May 12th with Firefox 38. New features in this version include: New tab-based preferences (Preferences panel is now its own tab) Ruby annotation support Complete details can be found in the Firefox … Continue reading

Firefox 37.0.1 Released

Mozilla released an emergency update to Firefox 37 on April 3, 2015 with Firefox 37.0.1. This update did address start-up crashes due to graphics hardware and third party software. However, there were two security fixes to address a couple recently … Continue reading

New Context Menu with Firefox 32

One of the new features with Firefox 32 is “Easier back, forward, reload, and bookmarking through the context menu” Mozilla has consolidated the context menu a bit by replacing the text for Back, Forward, Reload and Bookmark This Page options with … Continue reading