Disable Extension Signing in Nightly and Developer Builds

Mozilla has allowed extension signing not to be enforced on the Nightly and Developer Edition (Aurora) builds for add-on developers. However, it is enabled by default though when you install or update to these builds. To turn off the extension signing … Continue reading

How to block Canvas fingerprinting

“Pale Moon 25.6 ships with anti-fingerprinting option“We talked about a fingerprinting technique using Canvas before and explained how companies make use of the feature supported by all modern web browsers to track users across the Internet.“We also told you how … Continue reading

The 2015 Firefox Trifecta

In many ways I hope I am wrong about this. Firefox is still a good browser (compared to Internet Explorer at least), but the Mozilla Developers continue to be indifferent towards the users. They have also deviated away from the … Continue reading

Anything and everything about Extension Signing

Like it or not, Extension Signing starts with Firefox 40 (coming August 2015). The Mozilla Wiki has quite a bit of information about extension signing. Signing will be done through addons.mozilla.org (AMO) and will be mandatory for all extensions, regardless of … Continue reading

Pale Moon to switch from Gecko to Goanna rendering engine

Came across this gHacks article via Grand Stream Dreams. Starting with Pale Moon 26 the rendering engine is going to move from Gecko to Goanna. From what I gather, the change is more for legal reasons (Gecko is registered trademark licensed … Continue reading

Mozilla making Firefox bloated?

Over the course of the last year I have noticed Firefox is becoming more and more bloated. Martin Brinkmann (ghacks), talks about what Firefox was like when it was first introduced: Back then, the core development philosophy was to create and maintain … Continue reading