The 2015 Firefox Trifecta

In many ways I hope I am wrong about this. Firefox is still a good browser (compared to Internet Explorer at least), but the Mozilla Developers continue to be indifferent towards the users. They have also deviated away from the … Continue reading

Anything and everything about Extension Signing

Like it or not, Extension Signing starts with Firefox 40 (coming August 2015). The Mozilla Wiki has quite a bit of information about extension signing. Signing will be done through (AMO) and will be mandatory for all extensions, regardless of … Continue reading

More Ramblings on Pocket

Ah yes, Pocket the third-party feature nobody wanted, but Mozilla decided they would integrate into Firefox anyway. Well, that is not really fair to say. Apparently about 220K Firefox user (less than 1% of the user base) have downloaded Pocket when it … Continue reading

Mozilla plans to phase out non-secure HTTP

Last night Mozilla announced on The Mozilla Security Blog: Deprecating Non-Secure HTTP. There’s pretty broad agreement that HTTPS is the way forward for the web.  In recent months, there have been statements from IETF, IAB (even the other IAB), W3C, and … Continue reading

Firefox 37.0.2 Released

Mozilla released an update to the Firefox 37 branch on Monday, April 20th with the Firefox 37.0.2 release. This update addressed these issues: Google Maps may render incorrectly in some cases Stability fixes for select graphics hardware and feature sets … Continue reading

Firefox 37.0.1 Released

Mozilla released an emergency update to Firefox 37 on April 3, 2015 with Firefox 37.0.1. This update did address start-up crashes due to graphics hardware and third party software. However, there were two security fixes to address a couple recently … Continue reading