Firefox News

Yes, it has been a while since The Guru has posted non-release news. Here’s some Firefox news from the past month. Firefox for iOS adds Security Features (The Mozilla Blog)- Changes to the Firefox Password Manager now allow iPhone/iPad users to add a … Continue reading

Mitchel Baker: Thunderbird Update

Note: While this post mostly pertains to Mozilla’s other project, Thunderbird I still felt it was important to post this here as to remind people that while Thunderbird is very different from Firefox, they are still both ‘interconnected’ within the … Continue reading

Meet MatchStick by Mozilla

One of our Facebook followers shared this on our Facebook Page today. MatchStick is Mozilla’s ($25) alternative to Google’s Chromecast. Mozilla is expanding beyond its Firefox browser and trying its hand in the suddenly hot streaming video business. Its take: … Continue reading

Firefox OS Based Tablets Development Begins

Mozilla has had the Firefox OS on smartphones for a while now. Next up is tablets. Mozilla’s own Asa Dotzier, director of Firefox OS, has now provided the hardware specs of the Foxconn-made reference Firefox OS tablet. It’s very similar … Continue reading

Mozilla Bringing Firefox OS to TVs, Tablets, Desktops

“Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser once was limited to just desktop and notebook computers running on top of existing operating systems, but that’s no longer the case. In a series of announcements today at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Mozilla … Continue reading

Firefox 27 to be released in February

Firefox 27 was originally scheduled for release on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014. However, due to Mozilla shutting down their operations until January 6th, they have opted to push the release back two weeks to ensure the build quality is not … Continue reading

Firefox 26 Mobile Released

Mozilla released the next update for Firefox Mobile users on Tuesday, December 10th. Firefox 26 included these updates: NEW Updated about:home interface with Top Sites thumbnails, and ability to pin tabs to home page Password manager now supports script-generated password … Continue reading

Firefox Release Update: October 26, 2013

Just Released None Coming Soon October 29th Firefox 25 Firefox for Android 25 Firefox 24.0.1 ESR Firefox 26 Beta (25.0b1)* Firefox 27 Aurora (26.0a2)* Future Releases December 10th Firefox 26 Firefox for Android 26 Firefox 24.0.2 ESR Firefox 27 Beta … Continue reading