Mozilla plans to phase out non-secure HTTP

Last night Mozilla announced on The Mozilla Security Blog: Deprecating Non-Secure HTTP. There’s pretty broad agreement that HTTPS is the way forward for the web.  In recent months, there have been statements from IETF, IAB (even the other IAB), W3C, and … Continue reading

More about Extension Signing

Back in February we mentioned Extension Signing Coming Later in 2015. Recently the Mozilla Add-ons Blog posted a follow up The Case for Extension Signing. There is a lot of interesting information in this article, including this very shocking statistic which puts into … Continue reading

‘Couldn’t load XPCOM’ Error on Startup

This seems to be a common error some people encounter with Firefox. First, XPCOM has nothing to do with Windows XP, rather it is Cross Platform Component Object Model. It is a cross-platform component model from Mozilla (more info at Wikipedia). Not sure … Continue reading

Error Console ‘Pop-up’ Issue

Recently a member over at Go Firefox! had an odd and annoying issue where as each time they opened a new window in Firefox, the Error Console window would pop-up. The Error Console (under Developer Tools on the Firefox Button/Menu) normally just sits quietly in … Continue reading

Cleaning Up Firefox After a Malware Mishap

I have come to the realization now, that I should except any software I download and install to try and sneak bloatware or Malware on to my system. This can be in the form of a browser toolbar or some type of ‘security software’ … Continue reading

Waterfox a 64-Bit Windows “Firefox”

ALERT: As of version 15 released on August 29th, Waterfox now comes with bloatware and will attempt to install said bloatware without your knowledge or permission. Read more: Waterfox 15 & AVG. Linux and Mac users have enjoyed having a … Continue reading

Fix Grub Loader in Mint 13

I recently added Mint 13 to my former Vista Machine which now also runs Windows 7. Mint seemed to have installed fine and I was able to run the MDN ProfileManager for Firefox (still having issues getting it to work … Continue reading