The 2015 Firefox Trifecta

In many ways I hope I am wrong about this. Firefox is still a good browser (compared to Internet Explorer at least), but the Mozilla Developers continue to be indifferent towards the users. They have also deviated away from the … Continue reading

Yet another reason I so dislike Apple products…

I’ve never been a fan of Apple products. They are over-priced and use proprietary parts and accessories. Yes their products are high quality. In the case of a phone or computer I figure the Apple brand is going to last the same amount … Continue reading

Microsoft Calls its Competition ‘Boring’ and ‘a Mess’

Microsoft has a habit of bashing/bad-mouthing their competitors. However, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson took it to a new level at this week’s D: Dive Into Mobile conference. Seems Myerson slamed Apple’s iOS for being “boring” and Google’s Android for being a … Continue reading

Tablet News Week of February 3rd

Note: This is being published later than usual today in order to include news related to the release of Microsoft Surface Pro tablet today. This week it is all about Apple’s 128 GB iPad 4…oh and the Sold Out Microsoft Surface … Continue reading

Tablet News Week of January 27th

Not a good week for Microsoft… On Monday, news came of reference to a 128 GB capacity devices in the Beta 5 release to developers of Apple’s iOS 6.1 build. Rumors were that it could be an iPad 4 variant. This was confirmed … Continue reading

Windows 8 Failure is PC Vendors Fault

That is what Microsoft is using a an excuse for the lack luster sales of Windows 8. Microsoft is saying that PC Vendors didn’t make enough ‘enticing touchscreen tablets’ powered by Windows 8 for the 2012 Christmas season. Seems Microsoft … Continue reading

Tablet News Week of January 20th

Lots of Samsung news this week as well as the good, the bad and the ugly in regards to Microsoft. All external links go to Tom’s Hardware unless otherwise stated. Tablet Announcements: More news on Samsung’s upcoming 8-inch Galaxy Note Phablet: … Continue reading