Why Firefox won’t have a ‘Noisy Tabs’ feature

Earlier in January, a Google Chrome update include a new feature called Noisy Tabs which will put an indicator (speaker icon) on a tab that is playing audio. This helpful for when you do a session restore or you’re clicking … Continue reading

Microsoft Posts and Removes video Bashing iPhone

Over the weekend Microsoft had posted to their Windows Phone YouTube channel a video entitled: A fly on the wall in Cupertino? The video was about the (colorful) upcoming iPhone 5C. Seems the video did not go over well with social media, so … Continue reading

Microsoft Calls its Competition ‘Boring’ and ‘a Mess’

Microsoft has a habit of bashing/bad-mouthing their competitors. However, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson took it to a new level at this week’s D: Dive Into Mobile conference. Seems Myerson slamed Apple’s iOS for being “boring” and Google’s Android for being a … Continue reading

FairSearch says Google Android is AntiTrust

I am seriously beginning to think the EU is leveling all these anti-trust violations and fines as method to bankroll their organization. It was bad enough when they went after Microsoft for “forcing people” to use Internet Explorer when they … Continue reading

Microsoft Fine $730 Million By EU for “Browser Ballot” Mishap

Last year Microsoft discovered and acknowledged there was “mishap” with Windows 7 SP1 sold in the EU. Since 2009 Microsoft has been required for new installs of Windows in EU to present a “Browser Ballot” pop-up giving the user the choice … Continue reading