Mitchell Baker at CeBIT Australia 2007

A couple short (about a minute and half each) video clips from an interview with Michell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler (CEO) of Mozilla. She discusses various topics including a couple dealing with Microsoft, Internet Exploiter…err I mean Explorer as well … Continue reading

PodTech:Inside Mozilla Foundation (the folks who bring us Firefox)

Robert Scoble interviews Mozilla CEO, better known as Chief Lizard Wrangler, Mitchell Baker. Note: Interview is about 40 minutes long! [podtech content=] … Continue reading

Seattle Post-Intelligencer interview with Blake Ross

On June 30th, Todd Bishop of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer interviewed Mozilla Firefox Co-Founder Blake Ross over lunch at Gnomedex. This is very good interview and covers a lot ground. There are a few questions/answers that I want to expound upon. … Continue reading Interview with Mitchell Baker

Mitchell Baker Talks to About Mozilla in the Enterprise has an interview with Mitchell Baker, which focuses on the limited success of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird in the enterprise market to date. The Mozilla Corporation President attributes … Continue reading