Firefox 41 (and Headaches) Coming September 22nd

Mozilla is moving right along with getting Firefox 41 ready to ship for the September 22nd release. Having had a chance to play with the current Beta version of Firefox 41, here are THREE major changes users should be aware of … Continue reading

Thoughts on Win64 Firefox Plugin Restrictions

I understand what Mozilla is doing with in the Win64 Firefox in regards to only allowing the Flash NPAPI plugin. It starts to make sense if you look at the browser ‘market’ as a whole. Microsoft’s new Edge browser (Windows … Continue reading

Win64 Firefox NOT Coming with Firefox 40

Javaun Moradi announced earlier in bug 1181014 (this was the bug about how to ‘market’ the Win64 builds on Folks, we’ve decided not to release win64 builds in Fx40. We have many improvements coming in 41 — sandboxing and NPAPI … Continue reading

Browser Plugin Vulnerability Alerts

Normally, I don’t re-post from my Firefox Blog, but these browsers plugin vulnerabilities affect other browsers (such as Chrome & Safari) besides Firefox. Dangerous vulnerability in latest Java version Version: Java 7 Update 10 Issue: Can be used for Cyber attacks (even … Continue reading

Cleaning Up Firefox After a Malware Mishap

I have come to the realization now, that I should except any software I download and install to try and sneak bloatware or Malware on to my system. This can be in the form of a browser toolbar or some type of ‘security software’ … Continue reading

Protect Against the New Actively Exploited Java Vulnerability

This is cross-platform. ” Security researchers have proposed several methods for users to protect their computers from ongoing attacks that target a new and yet-to-be-patched vulnerability in all versions of Java Runtime Environment 7.…“The new vulnerability is considered extremely critical … Continue reading