Windows Won’t Install Updates

Some months ago I resurrected a Windows 7 Ultimate computer I had retired a couple years ago after it threw one too many (and consecutive) BSODs. I suspected that all my problems likely stemmed from trying to ‘upgrade’ it from Windows … Continue reading

The End Is Near (again) For Windows XP

If you are still one of the nearly 39% still using Windows XP you have been warned. Microsoft will end support April 8, 2014….may be…they been trying since 2010 to get users and businesses to move away from Windows XP. … Continue reading

Waterfox a 64-Bit Windows “Firefox”

ALERT: As of version 15 released on August 29th, Waterfox now comes with bloatware and will attempt to install said bloatware without your knowledge or permission. Read more: Waterfox 15 & AVG. Linux and Mac users have enjoyed having a … Continue reading

Fix Grub Loader in Mint 13

I recently added Mint 13 to my former Vista Machine which now also runs Windows 7. Mint seemed to have installed fine and I was able to run the MDN ProfileManager for Firefox (still having issues getting it to work … Continue reading