Why It Is Important to Update

A Public Service Announcement from the Guru. I am not just talking about Firefox, but more importantly your browser plugins (Flash, JAVA, QuickTime, etc) and yes even those Windows Updates too. The below two articles are from a colleague’s blog … Continue reading

Clear Cache & Cookies – The Easy Way

One question I tend to get a lot is ‘How Do I Clear My Cache and Cookies in Firefox?‘.  I will give Microsoft kudos for making this process fairly simple (three steps) in Internet Explorer 9. Mozilla, on the other … Continue reading

Firefox 4 Downloads Surpasses IE9 in first 24-Hours

Okay so Microsoft made a big deal how IE9 had about 2.3 million downloads in the first 24-hours.  Firefox 4 in the first 24-hours… over 10 Million downloads. Plus Firefox gained a 2% market share as well. No doubt from … Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Firefox 4.

Note: This article is going to be updated frequently over the next few days. Keep checking back for Updates and new () items since the original posting. After months of delays and well over a year in development, Firefox 4 … Continue reading