Microsoft Fine $730 Million By EU for “Browser Ballot” Mishap.

Last year Microsoft discovered and acknowledged there was “mishap” with Windows 7 SP1 sold in the EU. Since 2009 Microsoft has been required for new installs of Windows in EU to present a “Browser Ballot” pop-up giving the user the choice … Continue reading

Mozilla Kills 64-Bit Windows Firefox Development

Mozilla Engineering Manager Benjamin Smedberg had started a discussion on Google Groups about ceasing development of Windows 64-Bit builds last Friday (November 23rd). This had been purposed as well back in March of this year. Shortly before Mozilla’s Thanksgiving recess … Continue reading

Waterfox a 64-Bit Windows “Firefox”

ALERT: As of version 15 released on August 29th, Waterfox now comes with bloatware and will attempt to install said bloatware without your knowledge or permission. Read more: Waterfox 15 & AVG. Linux and Mac users have enjoyed having a … Continue reading

Why It Is Important to Update

A Public Service Announcement from the Guru. I am not just talking about Firefox, but more importantly your browser plugins (Flash, JAVA, QuickTime, etc) and yes even those Windows Updates too. The below two articles are from a colleague’s blog … Continue reading