Firefox Support for Windows XP/Vista to Continue in 2017

Mozilla has announced Firefox will continue to be supported for Windows XP and Vista users into most of 2017. Here is the timeline for continued support ub 2017: March 2017 users will (automatically) be moved to Firefox Extended Support Release … Continue reading

Windows Won’t Install Updates

Some months ago I resurrected a Windows 7 Ultimate computer I had retired a couple years ago after it threw one too many (and consecutive) BSODs. I suspected that all my problems likely stemmed from trying to ‘upgrade’ it from Windows … Continue reading

Microsoft Calls its Competition ‘Boring’ and ‘a Mess’

Microsoft has a habit of bashing/bad-mouthing their competitors. However, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson took it to a new level at this week’s D: Dive Into Mobile conference. Seems Myerson slamed Apple’s iOS for being “boring” and Google’s Android for being a … Continue reading

Firefox 20.0.1 (Windows Only) Released

Mozilla released an update for Window users with Firefox 20.0.1 on April 11th, 2013. This update addresses issues around handling UNC paths. See bug 846848 for more information. Depending on update settings (Tools > Options… > Advanced > Update Tab), … Continue reading

Classic Shell (Windows Vista/7/8)

Had an opportunity last week to test out Windows 8 Professional. I did this on my Windows 7 Ultimate machine using Oracle’s VirtualBox free VM software. I have to say I was impressed at how well Windows 8 handled, especially since I … Continue reading

Mozilla Kills 64-Bit Windows Firefox Development

Mozilla Engineering Manager Benjamin Smedberg had started a discussion on Google Groups about ceasing development of Windows 64-Bit builds last Friday (November 23rd). This had been purposed as well back in March of this year. Shortly before Mozilla’s Thanksgiving recess … Continue reading

How to Remove the AVG Security Toolbar

I have learned a couple more thing about Waterfox and the AVG Security Toolbar. In regards to Waterfox, according to a source from the Firefox Builds forum, the Waterfox developer did partner with AVG due to the high cost of … Continue reading

Waterfox a 64-Bit Windows “Firefox”

ALERT: As of version 15 released on August 29th, Waterfox now comes with bloatware and will attempt to install said bloatware without your knowledge or permission. Read more: Waterfox 15 & AVG. Linux and Mac users have enjoyed having a … Continue reading

Fix Grub Loader in Mint 13

I recently added Mint 13 to my former Vista Machine which now also runs Windows 7. Mint seemed to have installed fine and I was able to run the MDN ProfileManager for Firefox (still having issues getting it to work … Continue reading

Firefox 13.0.1 Released

Mozilla has pushed out an emergency update for Firefox 13 on June 15th, 2012. Firefox 13.0.1 addresses the following issues: Bug 764546: Windows Messenger did not load in Hotmail, and the Hotmail inbox did not auto-update Bug 756850: Hebrew text sometimes rendered incorrectly Bug 747683: Flash 11.3 sometimes caused … Continue reading