Mitchel Baker: Thunderbird Update

Note: While this post mostly pertains to Mozilla’s other project, Thunderbird I still felt it was important to post this here as to remind people that while Thunderbird is very different from Firefox, they are still both ‘interconnected’ within the … Continue reading

Windows 8 Failure is PC Vendors Fault

That is what Microsoft is using a an excuse for the lack luster sales of Windows 8. Microsoft is saying that PC Vendors didn’t make enough ‘enticing touchscreen tablets’ powered by Windows 8 for the 2012 Christmas season. Seems Microsoft … Continue reading

Mozilla Announces Two Firefox OS Phones

However, they are not for consumers. These Firefox OS (formerly Boot to Gecko) phones are being made by a Spanish company GeekPhone for the purpose of allowing developers to create apps for the new platform. Currently there are two phones the … Continue reading

Browser Plugin Vulnerability Alerts

Normally, I don’t re-post from my Firefox Blog, but these browsers plugin vulnerabilities affect other browsers (such as Chrome & Safari) besides Firefox. Dangerous vulnerability in latest Java version Version: Java 7 Update 10 Issue: Can be used for Cyber attacks (even … Continue reading

Waterfox a 64-Bit Windows “Firefox”

ALERT: As of version 15 released on August 29th, Waterfox now comes with bloatware and will attempt to install said bloatware without your knowledge or permission. Read more: Waterfox 15 & AVG. Linux and Mac users have enjoyed having a … Continue reading

Fix Grub Loader in Mint 13

I recently added Mint 13 to my former Vista Machine which now also runs Windows 7. Mint seemed to have installed fine and I was able to run the MDN ProfileManager for Firefox (still having issues getting it to work … Continue reading