Mozilla Firefox 51 Is the First Web Browser to Support the New WebGL 2 Standard

“With advanced graphics rendering features like a new complex shading language, state-of-the-art texturing capabilities, and transform feedback, Firefox 51 is the first web browser in the world to support the new WebGL 2 technologies, allowing skilled web developers to make … Continue reading

Firefox 49: two new system add-ons to fix Flash and graphics issues

“Mozilla has started to distribute two new system add-ons for Firefox 49.0 and Firefox 49.0.1 to address two issues affecting Adobe Flash Player and graphics issues.“The organization is working on Firefox 49.0.2 currently, but made the decision to release two … Continue reading

Exciting Improvements Delivered Today in Firefox for Desktop and Android

“Today we’re proud to announce the initial rollout of multi-process Firefox for Desktop to our general audience. With this, we’re taking a major step forward in improving Firefox for Desktop. Users should experience a Firefox that is less susceptible to … Continue reading