Firefox News

Yes, it has been a while since The Guru has posted non-release news. Here’s some Firefox news from the past month. Firefox for iOS adds Security Features (The Mozilla Blog)- Changes to the Firefox Password Manager now allow iPhone/iPad users to add a … Continue reading

Mozilla to remove NPAPI Plugins from ALL Firefox

Following in the footsteps of Google and Microsoft, Mozilla plans to eliminate support for the ancient NPAPI plugins (with the exception of heavily sandboxed version of Flash) in the next year. This would include the 32-bit versions of Firefox. There … Continue reading

Firefox’s (Improved) Version of ‘Noisy Tabs’ Coming Fx 42

So back in January 2014, I reported Why Firefox won’t have a ‘Noisy Tabs’ feature. Earlier today over in mozillaZine on the Firefox Builds board PadaV4 commented: Oh god i just noticed nightly has little loudspeaker icons for tabs which have … Continue reading

Mozilla Addresses Default Browser Changes in Windows 10

Recently it has been revealed Windows 10 changes the way users can set the default browser. Furthermore, when users upgrade to Windows 10 Microsoft’s Edge browser becomes the default browser. If you trying to make Firefox your default browser from within Firefox (Tools … Continue reading

Add-on to control ‘new tab’ page?

Currently Firefox users can go into the about:config and customize the preference browser.newtab.url to a specific web address (URL) or even set it to about:blank for a blank tab. However, so can malicious/unwanted software (McAfee, Ask, AVG, Babylon, Yahoo, etc.) by directly … Continue reading

Firefox 37.0.1 Released

Mozilla released an emergency update to Firefox 37 on April 3, 2015 with Firefox 37.0.1. This update did address start-up crashes due to graphics hardware and third party software. However, there were two security fixes to address a couple recently … Continue reading

New Theme Interface Coming

The current Nightly versions of Firefox 35 (planned release date: January 6, 2015) features a new theme interface within the Customize mode (Firefox Menu > Customize or right-click on a toolbar and select Customize…). Added to the Customize mode is a … Continue reading

The New Firefox Sync (Firefox 29)

Besides the UI overhaul aka Austrilas, Firefox 29 features a new and improved Firefox Sync. I didn’t really know what was so new about it since I had tried a long time ago to use it without much success. Turns … Continue reading