32-Bit Windows Firefox Still Supports NPAPI plugins

Seems like every couple months people start crying ‘the sky is falling’ with Firefox and Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) plugins. Earlier this week there was a flurry of activity with Bug 1165981. Again people seem to think that Firefox is not … Continue reading

Firefox 41.0.2 Released

On Thursday, October 15th, Mozilla released an update for the Firefox 41.0 branch with Firefox 41.0.2. This update addressed the following issues: Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2015-115: 2015-115 Cross-origin restriction bypass using Fetch The next planned release will be Firefox … Continue reading

Firefox 38.1.1 ESR/39.0.3 Security Update Released

On August 6, 2015 Mozilla released an emergency security update for Firefox 38 ESR and Firefox 39 with the Firefox 38.1.1 ESR and Firefox 39.0.3 releases. These releases were a result of MFSA 2015-78: Same origin violation and local file stealing … Continue reading

Firefox 37.0.2 Released

Mozilla released an update to the Firefox 37 branch on Monday, April 20th with the Firefox 37.0.2 release. This update addressed these issues: Google Maps may render incorrectly in some cases Stability fixes for select graphics hardware and feature sets … Continue reading

Getting Superfish out of Firefox

From the Mozilla Security Blog: First things first: If you are reading this post on a recent Lenovo laptop, please click the lock icon in the URL bar, then click “More Information…”.  If you see “Verified by: Superfish, Inc.”, you … Continue reading

avast! components causing slowing in Windows

Claus at grand stream dreams, linked in his recent Anti Virus Software Updates blog posts an interesting article about issues Windows users were having with high CPU load. The culprit as it turns out was an optional (though installed by default) of avast! … Continue reading

Extension Signing Coming Later in 2015

This is a really good idea as all too often people end up installing extensions (knowingly or unknowingly) which end up making unwanted and undesired changes to their Firefox browser. I don’t think it is going to have that big of … Continue reading

Firefox and POODLE Attack

Google researchers announced recently of the POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) Attack which hackers take advantage of sites (around 0.3%) still using the outdated (introduced in 1996) SSLv3 security protocol. Mozilla has announced that SSLv3 will be disabled, unfortunately it won’t … Continue reading

The End Is Near (again) For Windows XP

If you are still one of the nearly 39% still using Windows XP you have been warned. Microsoft will end support April 8, 2014….may be…they been trying since 2010 to get users and businesses to move away from Windows XP. … Continue reading