Mitchel Baker: Thunderbird Update

Note: While this post mostly pertains to Mozilla’s other project, Thunderbird I still felt it was important to post this here as to remind people that while Thunderbird is very different from Firefox, they are still both ‘interconnected’ within the … Continue reading

Firefox 17.0.1 Released

Mozilla released an update for the desktop version of Firefox 17 on November 30th, 2012 with Firefox 17.0.1 to address these two issues: 17.0.1: Reverted user agent change causing some website incompatibilities 17.0.1: Font rendering issue in Firefox 17.0 bug 814101 Users … Continue reading

Firefox Is Already Running (but it is not) Error

Once in a while Firefox or Thunderbird does not close gracefully. This could be caused by the application crashing or simply the application didn’t do some “housekeeping” after it closed. You go to run Firefox or Thunderbird and you get … Continue reading

Ubuntu will now track Mozilla updates

The Ubuntu developers are now tracking Mozilla’s rapid release cycle, releasing the updated version 8.0 of Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird. Previously, Ubuntu distributions would have stuck with the major version they were released with, say 3.0, and only updated to … Continue reading

Revision to Starting with a Fresh Profile

Bad_Attitude commented about the Starting with a Fresh Profile post. They mentioned that they move their Greasemonkey and Stylish scripts as well. I am not really certain what percentage of Firefox users use Greasemonkey and/or Stylish scripts and didn’t even … Continue reading

Add-on Compatibility Reporter Update

Add-on Compatibility Reporter has been updated to version 0.9.3 earlier today. This update addressees issues with the Add-on compatibility checking not being disabled when updating to Firefox 10 Aurora and/or Thunderbird 10 Earlybird builds. Simply go into the Aurora or … Continue reading