Here are some link to other resources to help make using Firefox just a little bit easier.


  • Add-ons Block List – These add-ons have been blocked from being used in Firefox by Mozilla as they are unstable or pose a security risk.
  • Plug-in Checker – Official Mozilla site which will check for updates of your installed browser Plug-ins.
  • Problematic Extensions – A comprehensive list of the most common extensions that are known to cause problems.

Firefox Downloads

  • Current version of Firefox – The most stable public release of desktop and mobile versions of Firefox.
  • Future of Firefox – The latest Aurora and Beta desktop and mobile builds of future Firefox releases. Warning: These are preview releases and are not recommended for non-experienced Firefox users.
  • Mozilla Central Builds – The latest Mozilla Central (Nightly) release of Firefox. Warning: These are developmental builds and may be very unstable. These builds are not recommended for non-experienced Firefox users.
  • Older Versions – Previously released versions of Firefox. Warning: These versions of Firefox may no longer be support and may pose security and stability vulnerabilities.

Forums & Discussion Boards

  • GoFirefox! – A non-Mozilla operated support and discussion forum. Note: Delphi Forums registration (free) is required to access this forum.
  • mozillaZine – Mozilla news, community and advocacy site. Note:Registration is not required to access the boards, but is required to post.
    • Firefox Builds – Information and support for developmental versions of Firefox.
    • Firefox Support – Support for already released versions of Firefox.