Firefox 49 for Linux: Plugin-Free Netflix and Amazon Video

"Mozilla plans to support plugin-free streaming on Netflix and Amazon Video on Firefox for Linux starting with version 49 stable of the browser. ... Mozilla Firefox users on Windows and Mac devices may stream encrypted HTML5 video streams already. ..."
Source: gHacks Tech News
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Exciting Improvements Delivered Today in Firefox for Desktop and Android

"Today we’re proud to announce the initial rollout of multi-process Firefox for Desktop to our general audience. With this, we’re taking a major step forward in improving Firefox for Desktop. Users should experience a Firefox that is less susceptible to freezing and is generally more responsive to input, while retaining the experience and features that users love. ..."
Source: The Mozilla Blog
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New features: Firefox for iOS

"Having brought is mobile firmware aspirations to an abrupt end by ditching the Firefox OS, Mozilla has had a little more time to focus on its speciality—great browsing experiences. The Firefox client has long been a front-runner at desktop level, and in recent times, has garnered a strong user base through Google's Android as well. It wasn't until last year that Firefox could finally grace the App Store with its presence, and rather disappointingly, the iOS version was considerably scant on the features front. Thankfully, the latest update plugs many of those gaps. ..."
Source: Phone Arena
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Reducing Adobe Flash Usage in Firefox

"... Mozilla and the Web as a whole have been taking steps to reduce the need for Flash content in everyday browsing. Starting in August, Firefox will block certain Flash content that is not essential to the user experience, while continuing to support legacy Flash content. These and future changes will bring Firefox users enhanced security, improved battery life, faster page load, and better browser responsiveness. ..."
Source: Mozilla
 Reducing Adobe Flash Usage in Firefox | Future Releases

Firefox 48: first Rust component onboard

"... Firefox 48 will be the first version of Firefox that ships with a Rust component. The component in question is a media parser written in Rust. That may not sound too exciting at first, but considering that media playback code is a primary attack vector on desktop and mobile systems alike, it is of significance. ..."
Source: gHacks Tech News
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gHacks user.js updated

"The Ghacks user.js list covering the majority of privacy and security configuration options for the Firefox web browser has been updated.
"... please remember that this is my user.js as it is today. I do not expect or want anyone to just run with it. You should know what you are doing. That said, I have kept the warning list at the top up to date, but I will never catch everything for everybody. This list is meant to be a TEMPLATE, please treat it as such. ..."
Source: gHacks Tech News
 The most comprehensive Firefox user.js has been updated

NoSquint Plus Review

NoSquint has been one of my "must have" extensions since I first found it.
I didn't know it was no longer maintained but mine is still working fine on Pale Moon.

" NoSquint Plus is a new add-on for the Firefox and Chrome web browser that is a fork of the very popular but no longer maintained NoSquint extension for Firefox. "
Source: gHacks Tech News
Review  NoSquint Plus for Firefox and Chrome