Firefox 41.0.1 Released

On Wednesday, September 30th, Mozilla released an update for the Firefox 41.0 branch with Firefox 41.0.1. This update addressed the following issues:

  • Fix a startup crash related to Yandex toolbar and Adblock Plus (1209124)
  • Fix potential hangs with Flash plugins (1185639)
  • Fix a regression in the bookmark creation (1206376)
  • Fix a startup crash with some Intel Media Accelerator 3150 graphic cards (1207665)
  • Fix a graphic crash, occurring occasionally on Facebook (1178601)
  • Crash when serializing a principal with unknown app id (1205456)

The next planned release will be Firefox 42 on November 3rd.


Firefox 41.0.1 Released

Mozilla release an emergency update for the Firefox 41 branch on Wednesday, September 30th with Firefox 41.0.1 release. This release addressed the following issues:

  • Startup crash in mozilla::layers::CompositorD3D11::GetTextureFactoryIdentifier()
  • Changing properties of a new bookmark while adding it acts on the last bookmark in the current container
  • Firefox hangs with flash plugins
  • Startup crash in nsStyleSet::GatherRuleProcessors(nsStyleSet::sheetType) possibly related to Yandex toolbar and Adblock Plus
  • Crash in mozilla::gl::GLBlitHelper::BlitImageToTexture

User should be prompted to update or can do so manually via Help > About Firefox or download and install the latest version The next planned release is Firefox 42 on November 3rd.

Firefox 41 Released

Mozilla release the next update to Firefox on Tuesday, September 22nd with Firefox 41.0. This release included many fixes, updates and changes which can be reviewed in the release notes. Also note:

  • Extension Signing Validation can still be disabled in this version by changing xpinstall.signatures.required to False in about:config.
  • There is not an official Windows 64-bit (Win64) version of Firefox 41, this is currently planned for Firefox 42.

User should be prompted to update or can do so manually via Help > About Firefox or download and install the latest version via The next planned release is Firefox 42 on November 3rd.


Mozilla: Windows 10 and Users Choice

Mozilla Future Releases has published the article Windows 10 and User Choice, which talks about some the changes that have occurred with Firefox as a result of Windows 10. Besides Windows 10 making Edge your default browser (unless you do a custom install), web searches using Cortana are done though Bing. The article goes on to explain how they have been able to workaround some these changes. But first, they talk about the UI change in regards to the search feature for the Windows 10 version of Firefox:
User choice is a core principle with which we design our products. In particular, we’ve found that the best way to design products is to craft experiences where our users understand the choices they are making and ensuring those choices are respected. A recent example is how we evolved our strategy around search in favor of a more geographically targeted approach to search. First, when we changed the default search provider shipping with Firefox in a relevant geography, if a user had chosen a specific search provider as default before the switch, we respected that choice and made no change to that user’s default. Second, we redesigned the user interface to make it easier to both change the default search engine as well as choose different search engines on a per-search basis with a single click.
The irony here is Windows 10 users DON'T have a choice in getting the new search UI. From what I have read on the mozillaZine Firefox Builds forum, some folks don't like this change and there seems to be no (easy) way to undo it.

Enforced Extension Signing Delayed until Early 2016

Bug 1203584 was filed on September 10th, 2015 indicates Mozilla has delay the enforced extension signing (unsigned add-ons can not be installed...period) until Firefox 44 coming in late January 2016. This means that unsigned add-ons may still be installed in Firefox 41-43 if you set the xpinstall.signatures.required preference in about:config to FALSE. Not sure as to the reason for this change as the bug simply stated:
We've decided to push turning the pref for signing requirements on out to 43 so need to turn it off in aurora/beta. Forcing the pref on will be pushed out to 44

Google ends NPAPI Support with Chrome 45

People are still complaining about how Mozilla is removing support for NPAPI plugins (Silverlight and Java specifically) in the upcoming Windows 64-Bit release of Firefox (now tentatively scheduled for Firefox 42 in November) even though the move is not that unusual given the trend to move away from NPAPI plugins by other browsers. Microsoft's Edge Browser (Windows 10 only) does not support Active X or any of the NPAPI plugins (Flash is integrated not a plugin). On Tuesday, September 1st Google released Chrome 45 which ended the browser's support of NPAPI plugins as well. I found this out when I updated Java and the 'Verify Java Version' page opened in Chrome. chrome45 NPAPI The same thing for when trying to install Silverlight via Chrome 45. chrome45 Silverlight Mozilla will still support the out dated (introduced in 1995 with Netscape Navigator 2.0), unstable and insecure NPAPI plugins with the 32-bit version of Firefox. Further, there are no plans to end support of the 32-bit version of Firefox. I still say Mozilla needs to 'rebrand' the Windows 64-Bit version of Firefox as Microsoft did with Internet Explorer and Edge (though Edge is both 32-bit and 64-bit), especially since it still has yet to be officially released. This could help quell the fears, confusion and complaints about Mozilla killing support for Java and Silverlight. The people who are complaining to/about Mozilla in regards to the lack of Silverlight support breaking Netflix and other VOD sites (such as Amazon's Instant Video) should be complaining to those sites about not supporting HTML5 with Firefox. Of course Netflix HTML5/Silverlight support page still shows Silverlight support for Google Chrome. For whatever reason Netflix still does not support HTML5 in Firefox even though Firefox has supported DRM videos with the Primetime Content Decryption Module by Adobe plugin introduced in Firefox 38 back in May 2015. One final observation...a lot of people have asked why Flash is still being supported in the Win64 version of Firefox as well as Chrome and Edge when it is by far the 'worst of the worst' of NPAPI plugins in terms of security exploits (and stability). Remember, Google Chrome (and Microsoft Edge) run a custom build of Flash that is integrated into the browser (no plugin needed). Flash is also the most common/used NPAPI plugin and while there has been progress in moving away (YouTube for example) it is a still slow and painful process. Also Mozilla plans on running Flash in a sandbox with the 64-Bit version of Firefox (as per Bug 1185532) which is also the reason the first official release of Win64 Firefox has been pushed back to Firefox 42.

Pepper Flash with Firefox?

I don't know anything about this distro but the use of Pepper Flash with Firefox is interesting.
I'm wondering if the other "flavors" will do this.

Notable changes:

  • Nemo updated to 2.6.7
  • Running kernel 3.13.0-63
  • Firefox 40.0.3
  • Fixed Grub installing issues.
  • Fixed Docky & Network issues after waking from suspend.
  • Using Pepper Flash in Firefox instead of Adobe Flash.
  • Added the H.265/HEVC Codec for VLC.
Source: Pinguy OS
---> Pinguy OS 14.04.3 Mini Point Release

No Win64 Firefox Until Firefox 42?

The plans to 'officially' release a Win64 release of Firefox have now been pushed back to Firefox 42 (November 2015). As you may recall it was suppose to be Firefox 40 (August 2015) then was pushed to Firefox 41 (September 2015). The reason for the delay as described in Bug 1185532 has to do with the sandboxing feature for the 64-Bit Flash not working correctly.

Firefox 40.0.3 Released

Mozilla release an emergency update for the Firefox 40 branch on Thursday, August 27th with Firefox 40.0.3 release. This release addressed the following issues:
    • Disable the asynchronous plugin initialization (1198590)
    • Fix a segmentation fault in the GStreamer support (GNU/Linux) (1145230)
    • Fix a startup crash when using DisplayLink (Windows Only) (1195844)
    • Fix a regression with some Japanese fonts used in the <input> field (1194055)
    • On some sites, the selection in a select combox box using the mouse could be broken (1194733)
    • Some search partner codes were missing (1195683)
    • Various security fixes
  User should be prompted to update or can do so manually via Help > About Firefox or download and install the latest version via The next planned release is Firefox 41 on September 22nd.