Windows Live Hotmail

I’ve been a Windows Live Mail Beta ( user for a while now. So far it has been the best of the web based e-mail clients I have used. I’ve used Lycos, MyWay, Yahoo and even Hotmail in the past but the accounts always become bombarded with spam. Even with the spam protection enabled I still get up to 10+ spam e-mails in my Yahoo Mail INBOX on a daily basis. The only downside, since Windows Live Mail is a Microsoft product, I have to use IE Tab for the messages to display correctly.

Sometime in the near future, Windows Live Mail is going to replace Hotmail. While technically it could be considered an upgrade Microsoft was going to drop the Hotmail name. Microsoft has changed it mind apparently:

“The company, which acquired the widely used Web-based e-mail service in 1998, had been planning to phase out the Hotmail name as part of the introduction of its next-generation Windows Live Mail service. For all the familiarity of the Hotmail brand, the decision to drop it might have made sense if you considered factors such as its historical association with spam problems.

But Microsoft announced today that it will keep the traditional name, calling new Web-based e-mail service “Windows Live Hotmail” instead.”

If you are Windows Live Mail Beta user, expect to see the name change in the coming weeks. In a way, I too kinda wished Microsoft would have ditched the Hotmail name. The reason I left Hotmail, many years ago and (ironically) switched to Yahoo! Mail was because of the above mentioned “spam problems”. I would also like to see Windows Live Mail work correctly in Firefox, but that would be asking too much!

News Source: Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog