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The other day an e-mail came into the Blog’s tips mailbox from Ken Saunders. Ken is an administrator for Spread Firefox and was inviting me to submit a review and join the Add-ons Promotion Contest. The timing of this e-mail invitation is a bit ironic as I was just discussing in the Firefox Add-ons Overhaul Pt 3 about the reviews options as part of the new Firefox Add-On site. The advertisement above gives the basic details of the contest and full details (rules, prizes, etc) can be found at Spread Firefox: Add-Ons Promotion Contest.

I have entered the contest with my recent review of CoLT. You can see all the participants and vote for your favorite add-ons (CoLT) reviews at the Firefox Addons Contest lens. Note: You will need to register for a FREE Squidoo account to vote (for CoLT).



Add-ons Promotion Contest — 7 Comments

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