Tip: How to Remove the Search Box

I had a very good comment/question from Sarah today about the Firefox 2.0: Removing ‘Go’ Button entry:

How can I remove the Search Box in top RIGHT corner of the FF2.0.0.4 competlely. or atleast reposition it to LEFT side.

I use googe tool bar and which has search box the LEFT side and I am addicted to use the searh box on the LEFT side. At the moment I have TWO serch boxes and I do not want the one on the topRIGHTside.

Moving or even removing the Search Box is really easy. No about:config or userContent.css tweaking need. All you need to do is:

  1. Right-Click on an empty area on the toolbar
  2. Select ‘Customize…’ from the context menu
  3. If you want to move the search box just grab hold of it with the mouse and drag where you want
  4. If you wnt to remove the search box just grab hold of it with the mouse and drag it into the Customize Toolbar window. Note: If you later want to put it back just locate the search box (may be at the bottom) in the Customize Toolbar window and drag back on the toolbar.

This works (far as I know) with all versions of Firefox as well as Flock. I will be adding this the Tweaks Guide shortly. Thanks for the comment and question Sarah!