Unhide Forward Button

For whatever reason, Mozilla has decided starting with Firefox 11 to hide the forward button when you can not go forward. For once, this is not something that Mozilla has copied from Google Chrome, as the forward button is always displayed in Chrome. I suppose for people running very low resolutions (640×480, 800×600, etc), the extra space is welcomed. However, you are not really gaining any space as once you can go forward, the forward button reappears and the address bar is shifted to the right.

When you can not go forward the ‘forward’ button is hidden.

The ‘forward button’ reappears when you can forward and is integrated into the address bar.

There are a couple ways to ‘unhide’ the forward button. One is to use small icons instead of the default sized icons. Right-click on a toolbar button and select Customize… In the Customize Toolbar box check Use Small Icons at the bottom. If you still want to use the full size icons, Rob64Rock has provided this tip involving a quick customization and userChrome.css tweak:

  1. Put a ‘separator’ in between the back/forward button and the address bar.
    Note: To locate ‘separator’ right click any toolbar and select ‘Customize…’ then drag & drop.


  • Add this CSS code to userChrome.css [directions] to hide the separators
    Note: This does hide all separators on the toolbar:

/* Hides Toolbar Separator  */
#nav-bar toolbarseparator {display:none !important;}


Now, if for some reason you like this behavior want to have this feature before Firefox 11 comes out at the end of January 2012 (Note: The back button won’t integrate with the location bar as in the nightlies), you can add the below lines of code into your userChrome.css file [mozilla links]. This works with Firefox 3.6.x through 10.0.x:

/* Conditionally hide the Forward button */

{  display: none; }