Standalone Images Displayed on Dark Background Firefox 11/12

As I am getting caught up in the Firefox Builds forums, came across an odd (and not good) change to Firefox Aurora 11 (11.0a2) and Nightly 12 (12.0a1). A patch related to Bug 376997 makes it so that when an image is viewed by itself (either via right-click > View Image or putting the image URL in the address bar) the image will be centered on a black background. An example can be seen on </Glazblog>. Below is an example I created using Ken Saunders Mozilla Snow Globe image as viewed in Firefox 10 Beta and Firefox 11 Aurora.

Viewing Images In Fx 10 or Older

Viewing Images In Fx 11 or Newer

Rob64Rock has suggested using the ImageTweak add-on to (somewhat, as it creates a new problem) fix this problem. With this add-on the image will be displayed centered on a neutral (grey) background or you can choose your own background color. However, since the ‘patch’ landed on Aurora the alignment is a bit off in Firefox 11 Aurora (11.0a2) and Nightly 12 (12.0a1), but does display correctly in Firefox 9 as well as Beta 10 (10.0b1).