“Reseting” Adblock Plus

There may be a point where you want to ‘reset’ AdBlock Plus back to ‘factory defaults’. This can be the case where you are blocking something you don’t want to and can not figure out how to unblock it or AdBlock Plus is mis-behaving (can happen to any add-on). So, how do you reset AdBlock Plus, is it just a matter of uninstalling the add-on then re installing? Not quite, there ara a couple steps in between uninstalling and re-installing AdBlock Plus. Here is what you need to do to ‘reset’ AdBlock Plus:

  • From the Add-ons Manager (Firefox Menu > Add-ons or Tools > Add-ons) click on AdBlock Plus then click Remove
  • Access your profile folder via Help > Troubleshooting Information then in the new tab click the Show Folder button.
  • Locate and DELETE the folder adblockplus
  • Back in Firefox open a new tab and in the address bar type about:config and press enter.
  • If needed, click the I’ll be careful, I promise button. In the filter field type extensions.adblockplus You will end up with a few entries such as those below. For each of these entries, right-click on the entry and select Reset.
    • extensions.adblockplus.savestats;false
    • extensions.adblockplus.frameobjects;false
    • extensions.adblockplus.fastcollapse;true
    • extensions.adblockplus.blockableItemsSize;{“width”:”200″,”height”:”602″}
  • Close the about:config and Troubleshooting Information tabs
  • Download and re-install AdBlock Plus

Upon install (which no longer requires a restart) your AdBlock Plus will be like it was the first time it was installed.