How to make Firefox the Fort Knox of browsers

While this is written about Firefox some of the tips listed would apply to any browser.

"Whenever you hop on to the Internet you are facing dangers. While it is relatively safe on popular sites such as Facebook or Google, it is possible that you are deceived even there. On Facebook, it may be a link that someone posted and that you are dying to follow (Justin Bieber did this, the Pope is dead), and on Google, you may for instance be deceived by advertisement. Once you wander off those well lighted paths on the Internet, things may turn to worse pretty quickly.
"The following guide helps you improve the security of the Firefox web browser while you are on the Internet. As always, with better security come downsides, and while I’m happy to live with those you may not. It is up to you to implement these security related features, or skip them instead if you do not want to or can’t live without a feature. ..."

Source: Ghacks Technology Newsletter
Details  How to make Firefox the Fort Knox of browsers