Firefox Stub Installer on Beta Channel

Not sure when Mozilla did this as today is the first time in awhile that I have done a fresh download/install of Firefox Beta. The stub installer (another feature copied from Chrome) downloads a smaller ‘stub’ of the Firefox (Beta) installer and then once you run the Stub Installer then it downloads and installs the rest of Firefox (Beta). The problem with this, is you can not specify where you want Firefox installed and it runs automatically upon completion of the install. Since I wanted to keep the release and beta version in their own folders and with their own profiles this would not work.

I ended up aborting the install and then going over to the FTP server and download the full version of the Beta installer (in this case Firefox 21 Beta 2). The stub installer is also on the Auora and Nightly channels as well. Again, if you want the full version of the installer, you should be able to find it on the Mozilla FTP sever.