Pale Moon Fork and Why I Moved To It

I have been using Firefox for a long time - my old laptop has 1.1 on it - and was quite happy with it. I used to post links to it with the caption "Finally, a browser that works the way I want it to!!"
Recently Mozilla has been making changes that made that statement somewhat deceptive though, and a source of increasing frustration/irritation for me and others. [GHacks Article]
I had heard of Pale Moon but I use Linux and it was Windows only at the time. When a member of the community made a Linux version I jumped on it.
I had expected a few bugs since it was a new project but that was not the case as it worked perfectly from the start and I am a happy camper again.
I had been tweaking my profile for years [screenshot] and did not want to lose any of that, but my fears were put to rest as I copied it over with nary a hitch.
The 20 or so extensions I had installed worked as usual with 2 exceptions and one of those (Bamboo Feed Reader) now has a working one in Pale Moon's own small but growing extension site.
For me it has been stable and very low on memory usage - seldom goes over 300MB.
I am quite relieved and happy that someone came up with this and I recommend it highly.